What is stopping you from starting RIGHT NOW?

We welcome every body and every fitness level. You’re never too out of shape to get started. Your custom workout program is designed for YOU – it will match your goals, take into consideration any limitations, and is adjustable to what your body can handle.

We realize everyone has a different starting point – and our goal is to support you so you feel comfortable. You’ll workout in your own fully-equipped private studio suite (or virtually) – it’s just you, your trainer, and your goals. You’ll never feel judged, just supported.

Everyone’s abilities and requirements are different when it comes to exercise. Your personal trainer will be there to guide you through each movement of your workout, providing real-time adjustments to ensure proper form, prevent injury and maximize results.

All you need is the motivation to get healthier and we’ll help take care of the rest! We will help you set realistic goals that you can achieve and build a custom program that you can stick to. We will be your partners in accountability for every step of this journey to help you stay committed to achieving your goals!

Questions you might have…

The consultation is essentially a strategy session to help the trainer understand more about you so they can design a customer fitness plan, specifically for you. During your strategy session, your personal trainer will learn more about your health history and lifestyle, complete a movement and posture screen, followed by a mini-workout. Collectively, this information will help to create your plan for you to start with right away.

Customized personal training with a professional trainer in a private setting is an investment which varies in cost by studio, frequency of sessions and overall commitment to goals. Everyday Training offers various options and types of training that fit within most budgets. Request a quote for your custom personal training.

Fitness Assessments initially help your personal trainer measure your personal baseline, and will be completed again every 6 weeks so they can update and evolve your program as your fitness level progresses. We believe in regularly tracking metrics unique to your goals that reinforce constant progress (vs. achieving perfection); so we can celebrate with you along the way and help ensure that you are continuously improving to live your strongest and healthiest life.

You may feel some soreness after your initial session, or at other points throughout your fitness journey as new movements are introduced into your program. The soreness is caused by a buildup of lactic acid and is completely normal, but you should still be able to continue with your daily activities. If you feel anything more than discomfort or tenderness for more than 1-2 days after your session, or if you are experiencing pain which may feel more debilitating, that could be an indicator that something is wrong. If you have any concerns, talk to your trainer at the start of your next session so they can adjust your program accordingly

Like most things in life, the more YOU put into it, the more YOU will get out of it. Personal trainers will work with you on establishing both short and long-term goals, will put you on a path to help you meet them, and will work with you to adjust or set new goals along the way. Clients who have followed their complete weekly plan typically see positive results, including remarkable improvements in strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance during this period.

There are no “typical” clients – everyone’s program is unique to their goals, their time commitment, and their budget. We want you to know what to do everyday be it with a trainer or on your own you’ll train everyday.

To support your success, we recommend that you work with us to set a recurring schedule of consistent days and times of training. This way you don’t have to schedule each individual session – consistency will help you develop the habit. If you have an erratic schedule, a conflict with a scheduled session, or if you wish to change your recurring schedule, just contact your studio with ample notice to discuss your options.

5 minutes early is appropriate

A positive attitude, water and a towel. Equipment and motivation will be provided for you by your personal trainer – just show up ready to take one more step toward achieving your goals.

In most cases, if you have a short term circumstance that you are seeing a doctor for, you’ll want to confirm with your doctor that it’s safe to begin a personal training program. Once your doctor gives the thumbs up, your program can be designed to accommodate your needs. Fitness Together® personal trainers are highly qualified, professional trainers who can help you reduce pain, increase mobility, improve your overall health, and will keep you safe while doing it! They can even work directly with your doctor or physical therapist to ensure your program is safe and effective. Check out our “Improving Health” category of our Success Stories page to read relatable stories!

Virtual Training allows you to get your workout in live with your personal trainer on the go. Your trainer will take you through a customized workout via a web meeting, google duo to provide you with real-time motivation and feedback to make sure you are safe and maximizing your results. Check out our Virtual Training page for more information.

A package of one-on-one sessions may be shared with a family member. This must be established and set up at the time of purchase. A package of partner training sessions may not be shared. Please reach out to your local studio for more information.

We would love the opportunity to have friends or family join us as a Fitness Together client. If you provide us with their contact information, we will get in touch with your referral and schedule a complimentary Signature Fit Evaluation. If your referral purchases a package, you will receive a special offer. Please contact your studio for details of the referral program.

Our team based approach allows clients to benefit from the array of expertise on the trainer team, to ensure you learn something new in every session. Every trainer on the team is highly qualified and your customized program, progress and notes are shared across the trainer team so you will always pick up exactly where you left off. This also ensures you can work out when it’s most convenient for you, not just when your trainer is available.

We have a team training approach at Fitness Together (see “why does Fitness Together do team training?” above). We may not be able to guarantee a specific trainer, but please know that if you have any concerns regarding a member of the trainer team, you can contact the studio directly.

Please contact your us to learn about studio use outside of training sessions.

Everyone has different goals so there is not one answer to this question. We encourage you to keep a food log/journal if you are interested in weight loss. As part of your session time, someone on the team can review your log and provide recommendations.

If flexibility and mobility are a primary focus for you, we encourage foam rolling and stretching on your own. As part of your session, your trainer will be happy to discuss this with you.

For most clients, we suggest doing some form of cardiovascular exercise on your own, outside your Fitness Together sessions. Your trainer can provide you with more specific recommendations that are best suited to your goals and program.

Talk to your trainer if you have specific questions related to your goals.